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Starting 6th September

Marketing & Mindset

Mini Challenge

A three-day mini-challenge helping you to kickstart or reboot your marketing. 


We'll teach you how and where to market your business online.

What is it?

Each day you'll be sent an email with a short task for you to complete. The purpose of each task is to help you understand what you want to achieve with your online marketing and how to start making it happen. 

Urgh, not another challenge?

  • No Lives

  • 3 days

  • Just one email a day

  • No bots

  • Just simple and easy to follow instructions to give your marketing a brand new sense of clarity and focus. 

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Day 1

Showing up online isn’t as simple as just posting an update on Facebook.  We wish it was.  Digital marketing can feel intimidating and overwhelming.  On the first day of the email challenge, we will send you an easy to follow task in two stages,  that will help you get clear on what you want your marketing to achieve in your business and figure out why you aren’t already doing it. Discovering and understanding the barriers to promoting your business online is the first important step.

Day 2

More customers, more sales, a bigger email list, a bigger online following….whatever it was you decided you wanted on Day 1 of the challenge, Day 2 is about making it happen.  We will be showing you simple, proven and quick ways to build your online audience. Day 2 isn’t about doing all of the things, it's about doing the right things.  This is where our combined expertise will help you drive your business forward.  

Day 3

Very often the hardest thing about creating content for marketing purposes is knowing what to say.  Fear of saying the wrong thing, not knowing what people want to hear, being afraid of being repetitive, worried about being “too salesy” or pushy - all of the above can hold you back.  It will see you playing small and staying offline. On the final day of this mini challenge we are going to push you a bit further out of your comfort zone and challenge you to write some content, with a guided set of prompts. 

By the end of this challenge, you will know what you want to achieve, the best way to achieve it and be well on the way to creating some focussed content that should start attracting new clients and building your audience immediately.  


This is a three day challenge not a magic wand but it will definitely move the needle in the right direction if what you need is a clear and focussed direction.  


This challenge is for you if...

Your marketing is hit and miss or totally non-existent. You’ve done some posting on social media but it’s not doing what it's meant to.  You don't have a consistent presence or a plan. You’d love to feel confident about your marketing.  You want to enjoy the time you spend online promoting your business and know that it's time well spent.  


You need help getting started. You’ve got a business page and that's it. You’d love to know exactly what to do first and where and how to get started. 


You thought about outsourcing but you don’t have the budget for it or the first clue how to manage it.  You’d love to know how to do it yourself but you’re confused by the amount of do’s, don'ts and advice there is online. 


You don't have a clear idea of where or how to promote your business. You aren't sure whether you should be using one social media platform or all of them. You’d love to have a clear plan with some direction and a simple to follow strategy. 


You lack confidence talking about your business and you aren’t sure what to say so you don’t say anything.  You’d love to be able to talk about what you love doing and have messages from potential new clients wanting to discuss your services or products.  


Disclaimer - we absolutely have an upsell for you at the end of this challenge but if you don’t want it, we’re fine with that. We hope that everyone leaves the challenge with something useful, something practical and something they didn’t know before they did it.  We want you to feel empowered and upskilled.  But you certainly don’t have to buy our thing to have all that. 


We consider this an introduction.  A first date.  If you don’t like us or what we have to say you didn't lose anything, we’ll even take you off our email list so you never have to hear from us again.  But we’d like to think this is just the start of a long and happy relationship that sees you learning and growing your business and us with lots of happy and successful students. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have time? 

We’ve designed this challenge so that you can fit it around the rest of your business.  If you want to make a difference to your marketing you have to put in the work but this 3 day challenge is designed to be a super short taster.  Dip your toe in, build your confidence and get you started.  The daily task will take anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour.  It completely depends on you.  But the more you put in, the more you get out. 


Is there a facebook group?

There is no facebook group for this challenge.  We know you’re probably overloaded with facebook groups and challenges so we wanted to keep this one super simple.  If you have any questions about the tasks or need a little help you are welcome to reply to the emails and one of us will get back to you straight away. 


Will I get millions of emails?

No, mostly because we don’t have time to write them.  Once you’ve signed up we’ll send you a reminder that the challenge is happening and an email each day with the task, then after that a few emails giving you the details of the course.  You are welcome to unsubscribe at any time or you can ask us to remove you from the mailing list once the challenge is over.  We want you to stay of course, but we don’t want to send you anything you aren't excited to read.  

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